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Seasonal Sanity!

As the busy holiday season is upon us, it is very easy for a baby's schedule to be thrown off. What with all the sparkly festivities, lights, smells, voices, and well meaning friends and family members offering to hold baby, a baby can quickly become fussy, over stimulated, over tired, and over everything! Try and keep baby on his normal schedule as much as possible, and explain to friends and family baby does much better if kept on a schedule. However If you find you have a very fussy baby on your hands, and nothing anyone is doing is helping, try removing him from all the goings on. Put him in a tight but safe swaddle, in a dark room, with white noise, no stimuli, and let him sleep as long as he will. Resist the urge to rock, talk, sing to him, or put him in a bouncy seat or a swing etc, because you may be further stimulating him, every time you do all those things. He may even get to wailing, but he will eventually go to sleep, hopefully for hours! If you find you need help from a professional newborn care specialist, or sleep trainer, to get back on track, please feel free to reach out for a free 30 minute consultation.

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