• Angela Buehler

Car Seat Sleeping!

There seems to be much confusion over the recommendation that babies should not sleep in car seats. What this means is, don't use the car seat at home for baby's nap times. The danger lies in that the baby's head may slump forward to the chest, and cut off the airway. An infant won't have the muscle tone to correct this. Of course this is easily correctable by an adult monitoring the baby, but sometimes the caregiver becomes distracted with something else. It can literally only take 5 minutes for babies to stop breathing, which has sadly lead to death, in some instances.

Is baby safe in the car seat in your vehicle? YES! The car seat sits at a different angle on it's base, though on long road trips, it is advisable to stop somewhere and take baby out of seat for periods of time. The only safe sleeping environment at home for your baby, is a crib with a firm mattress, no bumpers, toys, blankets or pillows!

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