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"Angela Buehler has been working for us as night nurse to our twins for the past 3 months, since the babies were just a week old. We trusted her to care for and feed our babies every night so that we could get the sleep we needed to function during the days. Angela provided clear and detailed feedback as to what their nights held so that we could know what to expect for our day ahead, as well as to help us establish patterns that ultimately made it possible to have the babies sleeping through the night before they were even 12 weeks old. She is extremely professional, dependable, and an absolute pleasure to work with. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience that any family would be fortunate to have. We have had experience with 3 other night nurses, and none of them even comes close to Angela’s abilities or her passion for what she does, which is apparent in every interaction with her."
Ann W. Atlanta, GA

"We feel so fortunate to have had Angela Buehler as our live-in baby nurse, for our set of quadruplets. Her professionalism, pleasant demeanor, flexibility, and extensive baby knowledge were the perfect combination for making our quad experience so manageable. With Angela on top of everything baby related, we were able to get beyond survival mode and appreciate the experience of the quads.

Nothing seemed to phase Angela; be it alarming apnea monitors, oxygen tanks, streams of volunteers and visitors, she was always flexible, calm, had a smile on her face, and a sense of humor. Angela worked with the babies’ routines and schedules and helped develop healthy habits in a way that enabled us to continue those routines and habits beyond her stay with us. Within a week of the babies’ homecoming from the NICU, Angela had the babies scheduled for feeds, and distinguishing between night and day. We highly recommend her services."

Ray H. Milwaukee, WI



"We employed Angela Buehler to sleep train our twins. She joined us when our twins were 9 weeks old, and within two weeks they were sleeping through the night -- no more feedings, no pacifiers, and no need for us to soothe them! 

We were amazed by how much progress was made each night she was with us, and how it was far easier on the babies than we had originally anticipated. She stayed with us another 3 weeks, at our request to monitor them and ensure there were no regressions. We were nervous to let her go. Today we are confident the babies know how to self soothe, and put themselves to sleep with no intervention, including if they wake momentarily at night. There is no help needed!"

Karen Y. Atlanta, GA



"She is not only an extremely caring and experienced nurse, but also so very considerate, respectful and professional. She fitted into our household perfectly and was truly a pleasure to work with. I really couldn’t have dreamed of finding a more reliable, honest and trustworthy baby nurse to take care of our baby. Angela is incredibly knowledgeable and very passionate about her work and this statement comes not only from me as a mom, but also from the standpoint of a pediatric anesthesiologist. I can’t recommend her highly enough and would be happy to discuss any specific questions anytime."

Anna K. Atlanta, GA




"If you were to employ Angela you can expect a baby nurse who is personal, yet unobtrusive in everyday life. From the beginning Angela was very professional (wears hospital scrubs each day), neat (work environment always clean) and organized (diligent about recording baby activity). She is generous with her time and vast knowledge of newborns and multiples. By the time Angela left our household, the twins slept for 12 hours at night from 7pm to 7am consistently. More importantly, the twins are on a manageable schedule both during the day and at night. We highly recommend Angela as a baby nurse. We are particular parents who don’t trust just anyone, and she exceeded even our high expectations"

Adina O. Austin, TX



"Angela was baby nurse to our quadruplet girls. She has a wealth of knowledge about babies, including concerning the special needs of premature infants and their development, and we used her as an instant resource for any questions or concerns we had. She managed to care for all 4 of them with ease and affection,  making sure they were all fed, bathed, and happy. As a first time mother, I was beyond overwhelmed, and having four at the same time made things even harder. I can honestly say she taught me how to be a good mother and take care of my children. I have no doubt that she can handle any situation and trust her completely. I give her the highest recommendation."

MaryBeth R. Atlanta, GA



"Angela  took excellent care of our baby and the side effects of her maladies and also took the initiative to do independent research to try to help us better understand what was going on. Angela is highly proficient and I always felt secure leaving our baby in her care. I was able to rest, finish construction on a new home and move all because I knew our daughter was receiving the best possible care during my absence. I have no hesitation in recommending Angela to care for anyone’s baby.  I know she could handle any situation that may arise with confidence and professionalism."

Jennifer E. Fort Worth, TX


"Angela taught us everything we know about newborns.  Since this was our first baby and both my husband and I had very little experience with infants, we were both quite anxious about taking care of our little one.  Angela was very patient with us and guided us through the maze of parenthood. One of my main goals in hiring a baby nurse was the sIeep training and scheduling of the baby. I am very happy to report that the baby is sleeping through the night, and it is all thanks to Angela’s expertise with sleep training. Angela is also very skilled at developing a schedule that works for both you and the baby.  As a new mother, anxiety levels can run really high and having a baby nurse with so much experience and knowledge was very comforting."

Kim D. Naples, FL



"Angela Buehler was employed by us as baby nurse to our newborn triplets, and she did a wonderful job! She was able to handle some very difficult nights completely alone, and allowed us to get some sleep. It was amazing how she could get an upset infant to settle down very quickly. Angela shared many helpful tips on handling premature infants, and taught us some great soothing techniques to use. She gave us insight on what to implement in order to help the babies progress to naturally sleeping longer at night, at their own pace. She also possesses an excellent working knowledge of cues to possible medical issues and concerns. Angela is extremely competent, professional, and reliable. I would recommend her to anyone in need of a high quality baby nurse."

Mike A. Atlanta, GA



"Angela Buehler worked as our live in baby nurse to our newborn twins. She is very dependable, takes her job seriously and I trust her completely with our babies. Angela taught this family a lot of helpful hints in handling multiples; she has a wealth of knowledge!  She offered advice and guidance on what to do.  Angela also truly enjoys taking care of the babies… you can sense that in the way she talks to them. Angela comes highly recommended from this Family, and we would hire her again in a heartbeat!"

Cindi A. Gainesville, GA








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