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  Newborn Basics Class


   3 hour in home workshop. Covers:


  • All the baby basics you need to know, such as diapering, bathing, how to hold, feed, and burp baby

  • Cord and circumcision care, diaper rashes

  • How to swaddle safely, and soothing techniques

  • Product advice, what you will find useful, and what you won't

  • How to implement healthy sleep habits, and a schedule that works for your family

  • SIDS information and other safety related recommendations

  • How to coordinate care of twins, and multiples, if applicable

  • Any questions you may have



   Baby Nurse Services


    Available for any shift, including night nurse, and 24/7 live in globally. Covers:


  • Complete care of baby, feeding, diapering, etc

  • Bathing

  • Cord and circumcision care

  • Bringing baby to mom, if breastfeeding, then resettling baby

  • Bottle prep, washing and sterilizing of all equipment, including breat pump

  • Baby laundry 

  • Keeping nursery stocked and tidy, emptying diaper pails etc

  • Soothing and swaddling

  • Teaching baby how to self soothe, and implementing healthy sleep habits

  • Sleep training

  • Maintaining detailed log of all activity 



    Sleep Training and Scheduling Consultations (Birth to 3 months Old) 


    Advice and support. Covers:


  • In home or remote consultations

  • Troubleshooting any problems

  • Parent coaching on sleep training and soothing techniques

  • Phone and email support

  • Implementing a customized, sustainable, written plan of action, and schedule

  • Different support packages to choose from, including plans customized to your families needs




                       Rates of services available upon request, and may vary depending on number of babies, shift, and location.


Our aim is to be your one stop, for everything baby. Whether you are looking for a Baby Nurse at night, or 24 hour live-in care, Angela is here to provide the support and expertise you are looking for. She is also available for sleep training, and consultations on scheduling your baby, and care of the newborn. If she is not available, or you are looking for other specific services such as Happiest Baby on the Block workshop, lactation consultants, maternal mental health support, or even a labor doula, for example, she can refer you to the right individual. Rest assured, any newborn specialist referred to you, will be matched to your needs, and will be a qualified professional. Most are highly experienced with multiples and preemies too, as well as singletons. Angela with over 25 years experience has higher order multiples experience, having had the privilege of working with quadruplets!

 If you do not see the service you are looking for listed above, please contact Angela, and she will do her best to connect you with the right person!


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