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Take a Close Look at Those Little Fingers and Toes.

Here is something to look out for, that is very common, but very dangerous. If your baby has a bright red, swollen fingertip or toe, (and sometimes even genitals), look very carefully at it. This can be caused by someone's hair wrapping itself very tightly around the digit. Although barely visible, it is cutting off the circulation, and in very extreme cases can result in the loss of a finger or toe. Sometimes the hair seems to have 'ingrown' into the skin, and is difficult to remove. If this is the case, take baby immediately to the emergency room. They see these cases all the time. The official term is," hair tourniquet syndrome". As a Baby Nurse, I look over my little ones very carefully, at the beginning of each shift, for stuff like this. This is also another reason why I recommend Baby Nurses, or anyone else for that matter, wear their hair tied up, around babies!

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