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So What Is A Dream Feed Anyway?

I get asked this question all the time!

A dream feed means different things to different people. But generally speaking, it is a term used for a late night feed of a few ozs, usually between 10 pm and midnight. Baby is offered a bottle when he is still essentially asleep, and will take a feed, without becoming fully awake. Baby is fed in the dark, without being unswaddled, no diaper change, right before parents go to bed. It is a means to top up baby's tummy in the hope that they will sleep longer. It does work in some cases, but can back fire on you. I have met some babies who have come to expect that feed every night, and start waking for it. For some families it's a life saver, and if it works for you, do it. But I do get calls from families all the time looking for help in breaking the habit of older babies who are now so used to that feed, that they are waking up, looking for it. If you need help breaking this habit, please feel free to contact me.

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