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Don't Let Daylight Savings Ruin Your Schedule!

As we approach daylight savings tonight don't worry that your baby's schedule will be ruined. The common advice I give is If you have a baby on a good schedule who goes to bed and wakes up regularly at the same time every day, you can try to start preparing beforehand, to keep your little one's schedule intact. Start by pushing their bedtime out 15 minutes each night, for 4 nights before. For example, if they go to bed at 7 pm, start bedtime on Wednesday at 7:15, Thursday 7:30, Friday 7:45, Saturday 8:00 pm. Then you are back on track. However, some babies just can't stay awake longer than normal time, so if that didn't work, or if you missed my earlier post about this, don't despair, here's what to do!!!

For example, if baby normally wakes and feeds at 7 am, and then eats at 10, 1, 4, 7, when clocks go back, she will wake at 6 am. On Sunday November 5th, simply add 15 extra minutes to each 3 hrly feed time until you find yourself back to the normal time. So you would feed at 6:15, 9:30, 12:45, and voila...back to 4 and then 7. Might take a few days of adjustment, especially with naps and bedtime, but you will get there and your feeding schedule will stay in place!

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