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March 14th - 20th is National Sleep Awareness Week!

Did you know there are things you can do to set your baby on the path to sleeping well from the moment they are born?

Below are just a few to get you started. Reach out to find out more in depth tips to lead the whole family to the land of nod!!

As soon as you get home with baby, start a bedtime routine at the same time every night, this can be as simple as changing baby into a gown for night time.

Keep night time feeds as low key and boring as possible, so that baby learns this is not the time to be up socializing. Feed baby in the nursery, and don't bring baby out into a living area, keep it all about business. There's plenty of time in the day to interact with your baby.

Baby doesn't need night lights in the nursery. Pitch dark will promote deep sleep, and melatonin production.

Do have constant static white noise going, but not jungle or ocean type sounds.

Do swaddle your newborn baby at all times for sleep.

An overly warm nursery is not only dangerous, but not conducive to good sleep. Keep the temperature between 68 and 72 degrees.

Do start your baby's day at the same time every morning to do a reset, and keep them on a schedule.

If you'd like to find out more about what you can do, why these recommendations are important, or to troubleshoot any existing problems, email me at

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