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The Real Deal?

It is common for families to hire a Newborn Care Specialist, assuming they would do some kind of sleep training, only to find that after investing time and a lot of money, their babies are no closer to sleeping well at night. Never assume a Newborn Care Specialist is a Sleep Trainer as well, always ask questions, and double check references for proven results. Not all Newborn Care Specialists are versed in the art of sleep training, and then there are Nannies who decide to work at night, known as Night Nannies. There is a HUGE difference. There is nothing wrong with a Night Nanny, if you don't want sleep training, and in fact would just prefer someone to comfort and rock your baby, and take care of diapers and feeds. They are experienced with basic baby care, and are usually more affordable than a Newborn Care Specialist. However, if you want someone who will be an instant resource for any questions you have, including how to implement healthy sleep habits, and get your baby sleeping really well, hire a professional Newborn Care Specialist/Sleep Trainer. Ask pertinent questions, and beware of a Newborn Care Specialist that only knows one method of sleep training, which she may have focused on after reading a book. One size does not fit all in the newborn industry when it comes to sleep training. I have actually had to sleep train identical twins with completely different methods. Sleep training is not about leaving babies to cry. It is about healthy sleep habits including sleep environment, which will promote baby organically sleeping through the night, when the time is right. A professional will know all the science behind how babies sleep, and make suggestions based on natural circadian rhythms. Protect your investment, and don't be afraid to ask about success stories.

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