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The Meaning Of Sleep Trained

So as I sift through my daily messages and emails, I came across a question from a mom that got me thinking, the definition of sleep training may need explaining to some. She writes..."I have spent a lot of money on sleep training, (trust me, my husband doesn't let me forget it), and am frustrated and dismayed to find my 4 month old still periodically wakes at night. I have addressed it with the sleep trainer, and she said it is normal, but I would love your opinion".... So, I contacted mom and asked her what the baby does when he wakes up. Her reply was "He is vocal for a few minutes, looks around, and puts himself back to sleep" Upon digging further, I was also able to find out, he is in his crib asleep from 7:30 pm, and wakes for the day at 7:30 am. He is not eating at night anymore, doesn't use a pacifier, doesn't cry, and parents never have to go into the nursery to help him get back to sleep ...............that folks is a perfectly sleep trained baby!!! I explained to mom that just like adults, babies sleep cycle from light to deep sleep, and much more frequently than we do, too. Your baby is human, we cannot stop them waking momentarily, but the definition of a sleep trained baby is one who doesn't need any help or intervention, to fall asleep, or get back to sleep. Money well spent mom, great job sleep trainer!!!

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