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Overly Fussy Baby?

It's not easy to tell at first, but so many babies who are labeled fussy babies, may in fact be struggling with sensory issues. Preemies are particularly susceptible, especially those who have had a lot of invasive intervention. Some of the signs are over reactions to lights, loud noises, temp changes, being handled, and even difficulty feeding. You can help sensitive babies by limiting how many people handle them, keeping the nursery low key, with no overhead lights, and not much noise, keeping visual stimuli to a minimum, and keeping baby safely, but tightly swaddled.

In severe cases, I have even fed babies with a light sheet over us in the dark!! If you suspect your little one has sensory issues, help is available. Your pediatrician can arrange an evaluation, and usually with the help of an Occupational Therapist, you will see great improvements.

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