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                  ​Welcome to Baby Nurse To Go!



Founded by a traveling Baby Nurse, Angela Buehler, Baby Nurse To Go Atlanta, is your one stop for professional Baby Nurse services,​ sleep training, and newborn care and scheduling consultations. In the comfort of your own home, Angela can teach you all the baby basics a new parent needs to know, and answer any questions you might have. These sessions usually last about 3 hours, and can be booked before or after baby is here!


Based in Atlanta, Angela, originally from London, England, is a multiples and preemie specialist Baby Nurse, with over 25 years experience, and is available for any shift, including live in, 24/7.


Angela works both locally, and will go wherever needed, to live in, and help support a family.​ She has worked all over the USA and Europe, and is available for bookings  from 1 week to as long as 6 months at a time.


If you are looking for other newborn services such as a labor doula, Angela has teamed with other newborn specialists in Atlanta, and will gladly provide a referral, at no cost to you. Please go to the services menu for more info.

                    Rates of services are available upon request.




    Never Any Agency Or Referral Fees Ever!!

           What is a Baby Nurse?

A Baby Nurse is a newborn specialist, now more commonly referred to as a newborn care specialist, unless she has completed some type of nurse training,​ such as RN or LPN.


Angela holds the NNEB (National Nursery Examination Board) certification from England, and is pediatric CPR, certified. Some Baby Nurses are also sleep trainers. Angela specializes in sleep training, and establishing the same schedule, for multiples.

A Baby Nurse will come into your home and provide complete care of your newborn, allowing you to get the rest, and peace of mind you need. Baby Nurse To Go is committed to providing the best possible care for you and your loved ones. We can devise a schedule that works best for you and your family.

Angela has worked with very many different kinds of families, including surrogate, same sex, adoptive, single by choice or chance, and blended families.


We understand that every family is unique, and will have their own personal parenting philosphies. Our mission is to provide support, and premier postpartum services in a respectful, non-judgemental, and supportive fashion.​


baby nurse

               What Does a Baby Nurse Do?


A Baby Nurse takes care of your baby's needs, and keeps a log, so that you have a record of all activity. Typical duties are:​


Preparing bottles and feeding baby

Changing diapers


Lactation support

Washing and sterilizing of all bottles and breast feeding equipment

Cord and circumcision care

Teaching soothing and swaddling techniques

Keeping nursery organized and stocked

Baby's laundry

Identifying and advising on any issues

Bathing baby


Implementing a day schedule to suit your family, and gently guiding baby to self soothe and sleep through the night

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